This Is the Daily Workout That Helped  Lose 80 Pounds

This Is the Daily Workout That Helped  Lose 80 Pounds

Looking at Alicia now, you would never guess that she once struggled with her health. But she once weighed 232 pounds, and she got to a point where she knew she couldn’t live like that anymore. She chose to get vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), a popular surgery that speeds up weight loss. But Alicia told POPSUGAR that this wasn’t the primary source of her weight loss. “Although I had surgery to help me with weight loss, I know it wasn’t a magic solution. It only got me from 232 to 185 pounds,” she said.

From there, Alicia had to put in a lot of hard work to get her health and fitness on track to follow Diet Chart . “I had to up my workouts from walking to rigorous daily training,” she said. There was one point where she would take Diet Chart . Her hard work paid off, though. She’s lost 80 pounds so far!

As for a nonscale victory, Alicia says she’s finally able to do her favourite workout, Pilates. “I couldn’t have done it at my heaviest,” she recalls. Along with these changes in her fitness plan, she also revamped her diet and ate as clean as she possible could..For anyone out there who is feeling discouraged on their own weight-loss journey, Alicia says, “Stay positive, put your tunnel vision glasses on and only see the best version of yourself with every drop of sweat and every clean meal you consume.”


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